The Waterboys – Cloud Of Sound (2012)

April 5th, 2012 by JC

Genre: Indie/Rock
Country: UK


01. Winter Blows (2012 Mix)
02. The Girl In The Swing (Live 2004)
03. Siochain Iona (Remix)
04. Killing My Heart (Live Remix)
05. Barbara Allen
06. Vigilante (2012 Mix)
07. The Serpent’s Head
08. The Seven Woods
09. Silent Fellowship (2012)
10. Straight With The Medicine (Cassette Demo)
11. The Passing Of The Shee (2012 Mix)
12. Mr. Wickham Composes
13. Seek The Light (Full Length)
14. Vampire’s Head
15. Savage Earth Heart (Glastonbury 2000)

[mp3 320kbps] df mc

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