These New Puritans – The Cut (2016-2019) (2020)

February 13th, 2020 by JC

These New Puritans - The Cut (2016-2019)

Genre: Alternative/Indie/Rock/Experimental
Country: UK

CD 1
01. The Mirage
02. Infinity Vibraphones (Orchestral Mirror)
03. Beyond Black Suns (Scintii Remix)
04. If I Were You (Love At The End Of The Human Age)
05. Infinity Vibraphones (Postlude)

CD 2
01. Angels Come Down
02. Anti-Gravity (Piano Mirror)
03. A-R-P (Piano Mirror)
04. Beyond Black Suns (Andrew Liles Ambient Mix)

CD 3
01. New Fire
02. Sphinx In Pieces
03. Inside The Rose (Orchestral Mirror)
04. Where The Trees Are On Fire (Maenad Veyl Remix)
05. Inside The Rose (#MeToo Mix Andrew Liles)

CD 4
01. Angels Brass Canon
02. Where The Trees Are On Fire (Phone Note)
03. Into The Trees (Ossian Brown Recomposition)
04. Intro Tape, Pt. I
05. Intro Tape, Pt. II

[mp3 320kbps] rg tb zs uc fu

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