Eric Hilton – The Impossible Silence (2020)

November 21st, 2020 by JC

Eric Hilton - The Impossible Silence

Genre: Alternative/Indie/Electronic/Ambient
Country: USA


01. Alma De Lisboa
02. Maestro Del Suono
03. L’ Espace
04. Midnight In Montmartre
05. Acetone Dub
06. Cassette D’Afrique
07. The Stranger
08. Dark Alley
09. Trust A Thief
10. The Impossible Silence
11. La Fille De Guyane
12. In A Quiet Mood
13. La Nuit (Feat. Elin Melgarejo)

[mp3 320kbps] rg tb zs fu

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5 Responses

  1. Stone

    This album is fabulous. Thanks for sharing as I had never of Eric Hilton before.

  2. JC

    Thanks Stone. He have a previous album this year
    He is also a member of Thievery Corporation.

  3. Stone

    All those links are dead to his first album

  4. JC

    All links re-up.

  5. Stone

    Sweet – many thanks

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